There are many students who need a challenge. The Reach Ahead program allows students who are currently in grade 8 to begin taking grade 9 courses and earn high school credits towards their diploma early. We have been doing this across the province for years and have seen exceptional results. All grade 9 courses are available to consider.

Reach Ahead Registration Process 

Step 1:
Complete the Reach Ahead Course Placement Form and submit it and the required documentation to our office. Please be sure to store a completed copy of the form and supporting documents in the student’s OSR. 

Step 2:
Review the grade 9 courses available in the catalogue and make your selection, make sure to select Reach Ahead. Then complete the registration for the course by completing the Registration Form.

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Reach Ahead Program Testimonials

Moving ahead a year in math was one of the best opportunities I was ever given! I was definitely prepared for grade 10 math and my high school has made it easy for me to be ahead. I would also definitely recommend this to other students, although I would warn them that one downside is that you won't have a math class with any students within your own grade, so that can be a bit socially challenging. Other than that, I've found my headstart really beneficial! Because I'm a course ahead, I will eventually be able to schedule an extra course that I wouldn't normally have enough space to take. In addition, taking an exam before high school was really beneficial, as it taught me how to prepare for other exams (I did really well on the two exams I took last year). I am really thankful that I was given the opportunity to move ahead and get a bit of a head-start.

Nimbus Christian Education Student

As parents we feel having her do Grade 9 math while in grade 8 was the right decision. It was challenging for her and she pushed herself. Your teaching style is thorough and this set her up and equipped her for a smoother transition. Brynn continues to be a strong math student through grade 9 & 10 and her marks have been in the high 90’s. Yes I would recommend this to other students who need a challenge.

Parent of Brynn