What people are saying about Nimbus Christian Education

I love that Nimbus online Math videos can be used in so many different teaching styles- Flip the classroom, Blended classrooms, etc. They are awesome for students to use as review for catching up after missing a class. The lessons are varied in their approach and the math is visualized in a way that just can’t be done on a whiteboard.

Brampton Christian school

Working ahead in Math was a good decision for Megan. Her experience might be a little different than that of other students that choose this path as she is not going to go on in Math. Megan is going to take Data Management next year just to get a grade 12 Math and then not take any more Math. Although she is good at Math, she just doesn’t enjoy it. Her mark this year in grade 11 Math was a 97 so she certainly wasn’t at a disadvantage working ahead. Megan will now have flexibility in grade 12 to take other classes that interest her because she worked ahead in Math.

Not that this could have been predicted, but doing her Math in an online format prepared her for school being taught remotely these past two school years. She had to learn to take responsibility for keeping up and handing things in without being in a classroom.

Megan's mom

My students loved to have more individual access time to me as the teacher. The Nimbus online tools allowed my students to spend the quality time they needed with the materials, but more importantly with their instructor.

Jarvis Community Christian School

Nimbus has helped us have the ability to give our son the accurate level math in a homeschool environment that worked for our family. Nimbus worked closely with our family to help us achieve teh goal we set, with the flexibility that our homeschool family needed this year.

Parent of Homeschool Student

The Nimbus course allowed me to study at my own pace with the confidence that my teacher was nearby and would be able to answer my question in a positive way. I knew that if I needed extra practice because I was struggling, the course would allow me the time to do this.

Homeschool Student

First of all, I wanted to connect with you to let you know how delighted we’ve been with Mrs. Korol. She has made learning fun for Hudson, and we see a dramatic shift in his attitude towards his schoolwork. He looks forward to meeting her each Thursday morning for their weekly check-ins, and is motivated to “get to work” after their call. She has a way of bringing out his giftings and valuing him for the person God has made him to be. We are very thankful for her!

Mrs. Bosch

Spencer is  enjoying the math program and his online education experience. Nimbus has set the bar very high. As a parent of a "client", I believe that Nimbus has surpassed that bar. Thank you, Alex, for your passion in teaching. Your gifts as an educator are a blessing to our family. I know the journey has been labour intensive, but our family is so appreciative! Thank you doesn't seem enough.


Thank you for the note with his score. This is so encouraging. I was just talking with Ryan last night about how thankful we are for this math class - it has taken a lot of the stress out of math for us this year and I am very thankful! He's really enjoying the course. Thanks!


With the math that I did last year, I quite often felt stranded and overwhelmed by the work I had to do. Nimbus has done much to improve my attitude towards math, as each week I am able to receive constant guidance, and an update on what I can do to finish the year in time. The layout is also highly logical: it provides clear milestones that I can reach for, and goals I can clearly see and aspire towards. The videos and notes are also very effective ways of laying out concepts: they provide a solid source and also a chance for application. In the meetings, it is really helpful to have someone who is willing to sacrifice their time to give help and guidance. I really appreciate the patience and insight that is given. I also admire the way that this course ministers to students: there are devotions available, and the math work itself provides ways to think about God and how he can be seen in everyday life.  I have really appreciated what Nimbus has provided for me so far, and I look forward to further education from this awesome curriculum!  All the best as you continue to provide wonderful education for many!