Policy for Waiving Prerequisite Courses

Policy Number: 7-2 #4

Approved By: Board

Approval Date: May 14, 2018

The purpose of this policy is to lay out the means by which a student may request that the prerequisites of a course may be waived.

This policy applies to all online students of Nimbus Christian Education.

In rare circumstances, the waiving of a prerequisite course is required for a student to meet graduation requirements, promote and enhance student learning, or to respond to special needs and interests.

According to OS K-12 Section 7.2.3, “If a parent or an adult student (a student who is eighteen years of age or older) requests that a prerequisite be waived, the principal will determine whether or not the prerequisite should be waived. A principal may also initiate consideration of whether a prerequisite should be waived. The principal will make his or her decision in consultation with the parent, or the adult student and appropriate school staff. ”

Nimbus Christian Education, being an online school, often accepts students from a spectrum of educational systems into our program for, at times, only one or two courses. These students are the most likely recipients of waived prerequisite courses in order for them to be able to access the required courses.

Process for requesting a waiver of prerequisite course:

  1. Submission in writing or in person a request for waiver.  Complete and submit the Waiver of Prerequisite Course form to the office.
  2. The parent along with the student, or the adult student, must provide evidence of competence in the subject area (i.e. evidence of previous work, transcripts from outside Ontario, etc.)
  3. Waivers are given at the discretion of the Principal in consultation with the parents and the student.
  4. A copy of the completed Waiver of Prerequisite Course form will be filed in the OSR.