Updating Online Courses With Consistent Quality Control

Online courses can be convenient and easy to access, but quality control is essential. For students learning remotely it is imperative to maintain high standards of quality to ensure their academic needs are effectively met.

In this fast paced technological world, it may seem like we have access to the most updated content on any given subject matter. However, simply having quick online access to information does not guarantee that it is accurate. Online learning can be challenging if the information you need is not readily available. The same can be true for outdated information that is easily accessible online. There is often a misconception with younger students who assume that if it’s online then it must be accurate. Students who are learning a new concept or researching for an assignment rely heavily on the internet for information. Even something as minor as a grammatical error can change the meaning of a sentence and ultimately affect how well students comprehend the topic.

Lessons delivered through pre-recorded videos should be clear and free of error especially when they are online. One of the benefits of watching lessons online is the ability to pause and/or re-watch lessons to take notes or fully grasp a concept. But, even small errors, inaccuracies or outdated information can hinder a student’s progress. Accurate and timely information keeps the momentum going for both students and educators. The learning experience is actually enhanced when online courses are updated regularly.

At Nimbus Christian Education our courses are regularly monitored and updated accordingly. Here are some of the ways our team consistently uses quality control measures to maintain accuracy of all online courses:

Scheduled Maintenance
Each summer the Nimbus development team intentionally goes through the various courses and makes significant revisions as needed. The changes are typically unique to each course to keep the content fresh and error free.

User Feedback
The development team also places special attention on any feedback received from students and educators. Throughout the course, users are encouraged to share their experience to ensure each element of their online journey is ideal. If many students are struggling with a particular section, our team looks at the delivery of the content first and makes changes as needed.

Timely Updates
Whether it is a grammatical or technological error, the team makes every effort to address each concern. Within 7 days or less, the error is reviewed and revisions are made accordingly.

Our collaborative approach helps us to maintain high standards to provide a dynamic learning environment for all students. Education online should never be compromised and that’s why our team remains committed to quality.

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