Understanding Provincial Diplomas

High school graduations seem like the end of an era for many students and parents. Needless to say, being awarded a diploma for achieving the required credits for secondary school is certainly something to be proud of. While the road to graduation will have triumphs and challenges, it’s essential to understand the purpose and requirements of obtaining a high school diploma.

Students are awarded the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) upon successful completion of 30 credits as outlined by the Ministry of Education. These credits are meant to reflect a vast amount of courses that broaden your student’s understanding of academics as well as the world around them. There is also some flexibility in course selections to encourage students to choose courses of interest. In addition to compulsory subjects like Math, English and Science, there are various electives available, such as: business studies, art, technology etc..

Prior to completing high school, a student’s academic progress is filed in their Ontario Student Record (OSR). This includes report card details from the first year they entered the school system. The Ministry of Education assigns each student with an Ontario Education Number (OEN) which includes basic information (name, gender, birth date) and it is linked to their OSR. Finally, the Ontario Student Transcript (OST) is the official provincial record of a student’s completed secondary school courses. All of this information is an essential part of each student’s educational profile.

If your student has a particular post-secondary interest, there may be some additional course requirements for a specific program. Be proactive and check with the Admissions department of the post-secondary institution. Obtaining an OSSD is not a guarantee that your student will be accepted into the program of their choice; but, it can help them during the application process. An Ontario high school diploma is recognized by colleges and universities and proves that a student has met the provincial educational standards. However, there are students who have successfully entered college and university without a provincial diploma. Many homeschool families choose not to pursue the OSSD for various personal reasons. Since having an OSSD is not completely necessary, homeschool graduates typically submit other documentation to illustrate their abilities and readiness for post-secondary school (as per the admissions office).

As an accredited online private school, Nimbus has the authority to grant credits toward the OSSD. If your student has never been in the school system, we can assign an OEN to assist in this process. Our staff can also provide academic guidance to students as they pursue their academic goals. Students can take advantage of our rolling enrollment by starting a course anytime to get them closer to completing high school. At Nimbus, we diligently strive to help struggling students and those who want to reach ahead.

To learn more about Nimbus Christian Education and how we can help your student successfully work toward graduation, send an email to: office@nimbuseducation.ca