Nimbus Students Continue Succeeding Throughout the Pandemic

Over the past year online learning has pivoted to the forefront of education across all grade levels. Although online education has been on the rise for several years, the global pandemic caused even more students and educators to embrace it quickly. One year later, Nimbus students continue to achieve high rates in online course completion.

In 2019 when the Ontario government proposed mandatory e-learning for secondary students, there was an initial hesitation from teachers, parents and politicians. There were natural concerns about the effectiveness of learning online based on outdated research. However, according to the Canadian eLearning Network (CANeLearn), recent data indicates most e-learning students are as or more successful than classroom only learning. Much of the concern came from previous reports of 50-70% completion rates for online courses. Fortunately those rates have increased based on the new models that incorporate a more balanced approach to online learning. Nimbus Christian Education students are among the highest online course completion rates of 94%.

At the core of the online educational environment is the ability to provide the right tools to support and enhance the learning that occurs in traditional classrooms and homeschools. Whether a student is learning online or in-person, having the right technology and support is vital to their academic success. CANeLearn suggests that online learning is not inferior to classroom learning, rather, it is no different than learning in another place such as the library or makerspace. Learning opportunities can happen anywhere and anytime with the right resources. Students and educators are more inclined to be successful when given the time and space to flourish. Students who have access to quality online courses experience uninterrupted access to learning. Being able to continue learning despite global or personal challenges not only keeps students on track, but also provides hope in uncertain times.

The Nimbus framework enables students and educators to work collaboratively while being a good steward of time and resources. Our educators embrace a personalized approach to online learning in addition to utilizing the latest technology. The Asynchronous learning format allows students to work at their pace while keeping their academic goals in mind. With a wide range of online educational solutions, Nimbus develops and distributes e-learning tools that are both practical and sustainable. The high success rates of our students are a testament to the efficacy of quality online learning with a Christian worldview.

As we continue to learn through the challenges, our resolve to maintain, and even exceed, our course completion rate remains strong. Both students and educators have the opportunity to experience the satisfaction that comes from persevering to the end. Despite the unprecedented times, students are not only achieving their goals but also building resiliency by the grace of God.

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