• We believe that the purpose of Christian education is to work in partnership with home and church in guiding the child to commit his/her heart to Jesus Christ and to see all of life—physical, emotional, mental and spiritual, both in and out of school— from God’s point of view as revealed in the Word of God.
  • We believe the school is an educational institution established and directed by an association of Christian believers; therefore, the educational principles must be distinctively Biblical in emphasis and character. The school possesses the freedom to function in education in total and voluntary submission to Christ and is not subject to any church organization.
  • We believe that life should be an inner attitude and outward demonstration of total commitment to God. Such a Spirit filled life is characterized by loving God and your neighbours with all your heart. We believe that God created man to serve Him totally, and requires us to educate our children for His service.
  • We believe that God in His infinite wisdom has given parents the prime responsibility to teach their children to know and love the Lord in all righteousness, nurture, train, and educate their children to reach their gifts and calling in God.
  • We believe that the child, entrusted by God to parents, needs structure, instruction and correction. Children of the Christian home are a heritage of the Lord and share in the promises and the demands of Christ’s covenant with His people, hence, they ought to receive Christian education.
  • We believe that the teacher is responsible to God and also to the parents, through the board, for the performance of his/her office of educating the child in the school. As a servant to the students, the teacher is accountable to be an example of mature Christian behaviour.
  • We believe that based on love as defined in the Bible, and because of the unique nature of a non-denominational school, that harmony and unity are fundamental to the goals of the school.