Course Change  Policy

Policy Number: 7-2 #8

Approved By: Board

Approval Date: May 14, 2018

The purpose of this policy is to provide a means by which students may change which courses they are enrolled in.

This policy applies to all online students of Nimbus Christian Education.

As students progress through our secondary school program, there may be situations where students find it necessary to change the type of course they are enrolled in. In order to facilitate a shift of this type, the following policy will be applied.

According to OS K-12 Section 7.2.4, a student may change the type of course within a subject area if a prerequisite has been met. However, if the prerequisite requirement has not been met the Principal may request that the student take the prerequisite course through other means or the Principal may confer a waiver of prerequisite if deemed appropriate (as per our Waiver of Prerequisites policy).

Process for requesting a change of course type:
  1. Submit in writing a request for change to
  2. If missing the appropriate prerequisite course, the parent along with the student, or the adult student, must propose a pathway in which the credit can be gained or request consideration for waiving the prerequisite and providing evidence of competence in the subject area (i.e. evidence of previous work, transcripts from outside Ontario, etc.).
  3. The principal, in consultation with the teacher(s) of the relevant courses, will determine if the course change is desirable and possible.
  4. In the event that the course change is made an administrative fee may be charged for the process.