Accommodations or Modifications

Nimbus Christian Education is prepared to provide Accommodations to those students with learning needs. Any accommodations would be decided upon in consultation with the parent, student, course teacher, resource teacher and the school principal. This would then be included in an IEP.

The following accommodations are ways in which Nimbus Christian education is ready to assist students.

SIZE - Adapt the number of items that the student is expected to learn or complete.

TIME - Adapt the time allotted and allowed for learning, task completion, or testing.

LEVEL OF SUPPORT - Increase the amount of personal assistance with a specific student. Any increase in support will require an increase in tuition. This increase will vary from child to child and will be set in conversation with the parent, student, resource teacher, and school principal.

OUTPUT - Adapt how the student can respond to instruction.

At this time Nimbus Christian Education is not able to offer modifications to the curriculum.